Flood Buckets

Request for Flood Assistance:

The Northwest District is beginning its response to the recent flooding in the Texas Gulf area by asking that "Flood Buckets" be constructed and/or monetary donations be collected.

If your family, friends, or associates wish to assist with the preparation of flood buckets, the procedure and contents list is available by selecting the UMCOR emblem below.  A vdeo detailing the bucket packing instructions is also provided.  JUST CLICK HERE.

Please bring the completed buckets to the Church office. We will deliver them to the District when directed.


If you wish to make a monetary donation, contact the Church Office or use the on-line "Make a Donation" link provided at the top of this web-page. The on-line donations are secured by PayPal. 

The flooding in the Gulf Area is devastating and, unfortunately, far from over. Your prayers for those impacted are certainly needed.